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Agnanti Skopelos
Agnanti Skopelos
Agnanti Skopelos


This gastronomic journey began in 1953 in the picturesque amphitheatrical village of Glossa, in Skopelos.

That year, grandmother Aglaia Stamataki and her son Nikos (grandfather of the present owner) set up a tavern that they named “Gallia” (France), to appeal to the few French tourists who visited the island at that time.

In 1985, the little taverna changed its name and was rebaptized “Agnanti” (meaning “view”), to reflect its beautiful aspect over the Aegean.

It was around that time that Agnanti passed into the hands of the children of grandfather Nikos: Stamatis and Mahoula Stamatakis.

With their wonderful, well-prepared recipes, Agnanti immediately made an impression and gained a great reputation on the island.

Agnanti Skopelos
Agnanti Skopelos

Their son, Nikos, knew no other life when growing up, other than Agnanti.

He helped out doing little chores and entered at a very young age into the world of the magical flavours his parents created.

From an early age Nikos decided that he, too, wanted to devote himself to Agnanti.

The dream became a reality and Nikos has now taken on the running of Agnanti. Handed from generation to generation, Nikos feels that Agnanti is a wonderful inheritance.

Honouring family tradition, he has further developed Agnanti, putting his own gastronomical stamp on today’s restaurant.

And so it is that little tavern that opened in 1953 has today become a great modern restaurant without losing any of its atmosphere and originality.

Everyone who visits Agnanti today becomes a faithful friend.

And it is these friends who, with their love and patronage, continue to write Agnanti’s history.

Agnanti Skopelos


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70 years

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