Many prominent personalities – Greeks and visitors from abroad – have visited Agnanti over the years, from the worlds of cuisine, arts and letters, cinema, politics and journalism.

This is the place to meet, greet, and eat in Glossa. The food is inexpensive, the staff friendly, and the view spectacular. The menu is standard taverna style, but the proprietors make a point of using the finest fresh products and wines” – Frommer’s Travel Guides.

For creative food and sunsets, cross the island to Agnanti, in rustic Glossa” – Christina Nehring, Conde Nast Traveller.

It is, in this impeccable way at least, the River Cafe of Skopelos. [...] Agnanti is completely different from any other eating establishment on the island and one of the most famous restaurants in the whole Aegean. […] If you come to this beautiful island, then you must come here; to properly taste the flavours of Skopelos or even just to have a drink on the terrace, which is particularly lovely at sundown.” – Jan Moir, Are you Ready to order, The Daily Telegraph.

Where to eat/drink: At Agnanti for Skopelos recipes with fresh organic ingredients” – Athens Voice.